Charitable Planning

There is a common misconception about why people give to charity. Many think that people give to charity because of the income, gift and estate tax benefits in the Internal Revenue Code. But there are more reasons than just tax benefits. Studies of philanthropic behavior show that the most important reason people give is their commitment to the mission and the specific programs of an organization. Other reasons, including tax incentives, are a distant second to the importance of philanthropic motives. The personal satisfaction of supporting worthwhile causes drives charitable giving.

Tax benefits certainly become an important part of the giving process. For example a marginal giver, may be more motivated by additional income, gift and estate tax benefits. Another barrier to charitable giving may be that it reduces one's own financial wealth and lifestyle and/or one's desire to leave that money to their family. This does not have to be the case.

Suppose without a charitable estate plan, a person's wealth was going to go 70% to family and 30% to the IRS. With additional coordinated financial and estate planning however, the split could be 100% for them and their family, 30% to the charities of their choice and 0% to the IRS. While that adds up to 130%, this is the result and benefit of holistic planning, maximum leverage and arbitrage.

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