Q & A

Here are some commonly asked questions.

Q: What makes The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. different from other financial planning and investment management firms?


There are a number of reasons listed below.

  • 1. An Integrated and Coordinated Approach: Consumers typically have relationships with multiple professionals. They may have a banker, stockbroker, life insurance agent, property and casualty agent, accountant, attorney, mortgage broker, and real estate agent. Each one of these professionals, or micro managers, may have done the best job of anyone in their field; however without an integrated and coordinated financial/estate planning model, it is very common that one strategy that looks great on its own is actually a detriment to the rest of the plan. Typically your stockbroker, attorney and accountant, don't all met in the same room to review your planning. This leaves room for problems that you are not aware of, and unnecessary money loss. We act as your macro manager, to integrate and coordinate your entire financial/estate model, which can allow your micro managers to better perform their services.
  • 2. Professional Designations, Degrees & Licenses:Our strategic relationships consist of some of the most knowledgeable, talented and experienced professionals in the country, including individuals from the fields of financial planning, accounting, legal, and real estate. Our president, Benjamin A. Geber is a Certified Financial Planner® professional. Other strategic partners hold prestigious degrees and designations such as Master in Financial Services, Juris Doctor, and Certified Public Accountant.
  • 3. Ethical Standards: As an independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm we act in the best interest of our clients at all times and have a fiduciary responsibility to our clientèle. We are held to a higher standard than stockbrokers and insurance agents.
  • 4. We are Completely Independent: We do not have any direct affiliations with an investment company, broker-dealer or an insurance company.

Q: Can The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. help me with stock option planning and/or a highly concentrated equity position inside and outside a retirement plan?

A: Yes. Many employees and corporate executives with whom we work have benefited from our stock option and concentrated equity position strategies. For example, we regularly help retirees minimize taxes on company stock held inside their retirement account.

Q: How often do you meet with your clients?

A: We have an open door policy.  While we have regular reviews face to face with our clients following the initial planning sessions, we are always available more often if a client's situation has changed.  Additional meetings do not incur an additional charge.

Q: How is The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. compensated for investment management and financial planning services?

A: The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. provides investment management and financial and estate planning services on a fee-only basis, with no commissions charged.

Q: Are commissions earned on insurance products?

A: As part of our overall service, The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. and Benjamin A. Geber are a licensed insurance entity and agent respectively.  If insurance products are needed as part of an integrated financial and estate plan, clients are under no obligation to purchase them from The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc.  If the client chooses to have The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. implement the insurance product selection, a commission will be paid to the firm by the insurance company.

Q: Does The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. have account minimums for new clients?

A: Because we are a fee based firm, having liquid investable assets is not a prerequisite to work with us.  Since money management is just one part of a coordinated financial and estate planning model, there is much planning that can be done without investable assets.  For example, a business owner may have the majority of their money invested in their business, but still needs a financial or business estate plan.  Our advisory clients have investable assets of $250,000 and above.  Our non-advisory clients, such as our insurance and estate planning clients have a net worth exceeding $2,000,000.

Q: What is The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc.'s fee schedule?

A: Fees are charged for integrated and coordinated financial and estate planning services and as a percentage of investments under management.  There are no commissions charged in our fee-only accounts:


1.  Fixed Fees will be charged at the beginning of a relationship.  This fee provides you with an integrated financial and estate plan and recommendations.  Our hourly rate is $450/hr depending on the complexity of the plan capped, at a predetermined amount based on the estimated time to complete.  The value you receive for your fee must far exceed the fee paid to make it a mutually beneficial relationship.  We will tell you at the first meeting exactly what to expect in return for the fee you pay us.  We must agree that your situation will be significantly improved in order to take a next step together.

2.  Portfolio Management Fees are determined on the basis of assets under management, paid quarterly, in advance according to the following schedule:

$100,000        to        $500,000    1.00% per annum

$500,000        to        $1,000,000   .80% per annum
$1,000,000     to         5,000,000    .50% per annum

$5,000,000 and  greater                  .30% per annum

Q: What is the firm's privacy policy?

A: The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. does not share any client information with any third party without the written consent of the client.  All client information is held in the strictest of confidence.  Feel free to request our detailed privacy policy document.

Q: Can the Firm provide me with references?

A: After an initial complimentary consultation with a qualified client-candidate, we will be pleased to provide client references of our insurance and estate planning clients.  Unfortunately, we are legally unable to provide references for our investment advisory clients.

Q: Does The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. prepare tax returns or draft legal documents?

A: We are not accountants or attorneys.  Proper counsel should be hired for these parts of the financial and estate plan.  We are pleased to work directly with your accountant and/or attorney or introduce you to these industry professionals if you are not already represented.

Q: Where is The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. located?

A: 7600 Leesburg Pike

Suite 305 East

Tysons Corner, Virginia 22043

Our phone number is 703.821.3700

Please see our "Contact Us" button on our Home page to get directions to our office.

Q: How do I join your email newsletter?

A: E-mail info@thebenjaminfinancialgroup.com

Q: How do I become a client?

A: We are pleased to offer all prospective clients an hour of our time without cost or obligation.  Email or call us and we will invite you into the office or schedule a phone call: info@thebenjaminfinancialgroup.com or 703.821.3700 

The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm in Virginia. The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc., works with clients in Virginia and in other states under a de minimus exemption, if applicable. The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. and Benjamin A. Geber, CFP® are not affiliated with a broker-dealer or insurance company. The information that is provided in the web site has been compiled to the best of our ability. However, The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. does not make any warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, and will not be held responsible, or liable for errors or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly, by information contained in this web site. We would emphasize the importance of having other advisors. We are not practicing accountants or attorneys. Independent tax and legal counsel are suggested.